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FeaturedUI DesignerTate Asia PartnersParanaque, PhilippinesChriscia
Feb 06, 2024| 0 Applicant| 9 ViewsNumber of Views

Skills Required


Rate / Type of Work / Location / Years of Experience

₱60K - 120K monthly
3 - 5 years

Job Description


1. Responsible for the iterative work of the company's product web/app/H5 end, as well as visual design work
2. Provide high-quality and creative design solutions for interfaces, icons, animations, etc
3. Optimize the visual interaction process of the product and improve the user experience
4. Participate in and control the visual design style of products, and maintain the optimization and upgrading of existing products
5. Participate in the early communication of the product, cooperate with the development team to achieve UI design and interactive effects, and conduct test and acceptance
6. Complete the adjustment, optimization and upgrade of the product UI according to user feedback and the adjustment of product ideas



1. College degree or above, major in art/design, at least 3 years of UI design experience
2. Have good aesthetic ability and have unique insights into design.
3. Familiar with Web UI and App UI design rules, and understand the design trends and directions at home and abroad
4. Have a good sense of responsibility, as well as initiative, communication skills and teamwork ability, be able to complete projects independently, and have strict requirements for themselves and their works
5. Those who are proficient in common design tools such as Figma, Sketch, ps, AI, etc., and can interact with animation, AE, and C4D can get extra points
6. Have a certain ability to work under pressure, be able to accept overtime, and have good professionalism
7. Knowledge of HTML/CSS/JavaScript
8. Fluent in English, Chinese is preferred