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FeaturedSports Community ManagerLucky365105 HV Dela Costa Makati City, PhilippinesCatherine
Mar 14, 2024| 0 Applicant| 1 ViewNumber of Views

Skills Required

Content Management

Rate / Type of Work / Location / Years of Experience

0 - 1 year

Job Description


● Fluency in English is essential.

● Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field (e.g., sports management, media, communications).

● Process problem-solving abilities that can quick thinking and effective decision-making in

high-pressure situations.

● Process strong communication skills in both written and spoken language.

● Attention to detail for identifying guideline violations and inappropriate action or content.

● Good team player.

Responsibilities/importance of your role:

● Monitor live streams and chat interactions to ensure compliance with community guidelines.

● Responsible for addressing any violations promptly and professionally.

● Responsible for fostering a sense of community by actively participating in livestream chats.

● Review reported content, including chat messages and stream content. Collaborate with the moderation team to improve content quality.

● Ensure that events align with community guidelines.

● Track community metrics, such as engagement levels, user feedback, and reported incidents.

How does this career benefit you?

● Competitive salary & work benefits package.

● Outstanding development opportunities.

● Performance bonuses are a part of our commitment to acknowledging your outstanding

achievements and dedication.