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FeaturedSENIOR JAVA DEVELOPERTate Asia PartnersParanaque, PhilippinesChriscia
Feb 06, 2024| 1 Applicant| 1 ViewNumber of Views

Skills Required


Rate / Type of Work / Location / Years of Experience

₱60K - 200K monthly
0 - 1 year

Job Description


1. Complete the demand analysis of the core and main business, the evaluation and dismantling and sorting of tasks, the design of technical solutions, and the implementation of coding.
2. Participate in requirements review, test case review, track task iteration plan, and ensure that the program can be delivered and launched on time and with quality.
3. Responsible for the review of the code, control the quality of the code, and ensure that the implementation details of the technology comply with the established technical solutions and technical standards.
4. Participate in tackling technical difficulties.
5. Technical training to improve the overall technical level of the team.
6. Recruitment and interviewing of personnel to find talents for the company.



1. Solid foundation in Java, familiar with various JSR specifications, master basic Java multi-threaded programming, understand JVM principles, and have certain tuning capabilities
2. Proficient in using various open source frameworks, such as: Spring Family Bucket, Dubble, Mybatis, JPA, etc
3. Proficient in various development tools and collaboration systems, such as: Maven, Git, Idea, CICD, etc
4. Have good system analysis and design skills, and understand common system design theories and practices
5. Familiar with network protocols (HTTP/SSL), familiar with common security issues and countermeasures, familiar with web security related knowledge, and able to use relevant technologies to prevent security vulnerabilities;
6. Familiar with network communication protocol (TCP/IP), experience in network programming is preferred
7. Familiar with K8S, Service Mesh and other cloud native technologies, practical experience is preferred
8. Understand agile development related practices, with excellent practical experience and thinking precipitation is preferred
9. Continuous learning Xi, good thinking, good summarization ability, excellent analytical and problem-solving skills;
10. Optimistic and easy-going, with excellent team spirit, good at working with people from all backgrounds.

11. Fluent in English, Chinese is preferred