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Product Designers, Software Engineers & Solution ArchitectsProtect AISeattle, Washington,
Apr 02, 2024



Job Description

Protect AI is shaping, defining, and innovating a new category within cybersecurity around the risk and security of AI/ML. Our ML Security Platform enables customers to see, know, and manage security risks to defend against unique AI security threats, and embrace MLSecOps for a safer AI-powered world. This includes a broad set of capabilities including AI supply chain security, Auditable Bill of Materials for AI, ML model scanning, signing, attestation and LLM Security.
We are expanding our team in Seattle and have a number of senior roles open:
• Senior Product Designer
• Senior Software Engineer: Backend
• Senior Software Engineer: Frontend
• Senior Software Engineer: Infrastructure
• Senior Solutions Architect: AI/ML
• Senior Solutions Architect: Infrastructure
Feel free to send me your CV - adam (at) protectai.com - or you can apply directly here: