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FeaturedSENIOR FRONTEND DEVELOPERTate Asia PartnersParanaque, PhilippinesChriscia
Feb 06, 2024| 2 Applicants| 6 ViewsNumber of Views

Skills Required


Rate / Type of Work / Location / Years of Experience

₱60K - 200K monthly
5 - 10 years

Job Description


1. Responsible for the front-end architecture design, development and optimization of business-related products, covering web applications and multi-terminal component libraries; 
2. Participate in the construction of the team's front-end engineering system, gradually improve R&D efficiency and quality, and drive business development through the continuous output of front-end technology; 
3. Work with product managers, designers, and back-end engineers to improve the user experience of products and create excellent Internet products; 
4. Pay attention to the development of cutting-edge technology at the front end, be able to transfer new knowledge to the team and transform it into potential projects.



1. Solid basic computer knowledge, familiar with commonly used data structures, algorithms and design patterns, and able to use them flexibly in daily research and development; 
2. In-depth understanding of Web front-end development technology, including HTML/CSS/JavaScript, etc.; 
3. Master at least one mainstream front-end framework, including React/vue/Angular, etc., and have practical project research and development experience; 
4. Familiar with website performance optimization and understand the principle of browser implementation; 
5. Familiar with the theory of interaction design, able to implement excellent interaction design into products; 
6. Able to independently complete the research and development of a complex module or project; 
7. Have a strong sense of responsibility, teamwork spirit, logical thinking ability and expression ability. 
Preference will be given to you if you have the following qualifications: 
1. Experience in SSR development; 
2. Understand React Native, Flutter, Mini Programs, Mini Games, etc., and have certain practical development experience; 
3. In-depth understanding of component-based development, and have their own insights on MVP, MVC and MVVM; 
4. Self-driven, strong learning and Xi ability, lively and cheerful personality; 
5. Have a certain amount of research on the MV* framework source code; 
6. Have open source works or technical blogs.
7. Fluent in English, Chinese is preferred